Friday, August 26, 2011

And the cloud is gone

This morning I attended a small conference on Cloud Computing. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS etc. marketing talks bore me. Antivirus vendors talked about obtaining signature "from the cloud." Firewall vendors talked about managed security provider "from the cloud." People talked about "the cloud" as some sort of cure-all solution.

Then in the evening I saw this question Well, okay, this one is new. Now suddenly a website becomes a cloud.

To be honest, I don't know what a cloud is. Neither do I understand what cloud computing is about. Apparently I am not alone in this regard. If you have some spared time to do a search for cloud computing definitions, you will then have a hard time reconciling them into one.
Clearly, the term "cloud computing" has lost most of its meanings and core attributes. This occurred not by anybody redefining what it is, but by billions of marketing dollars that simply shout down the thought leaders in this space who call BS on all the cloud-washing.
But, apparently, "vendors who strive to be accurate, precise, real and relevant [in their cloud computing strategy] are winning deals right now and transcending the hype cycle to close sales." ( Great! As it should be.

So, anyway, what is cloud computing? What do you use it for? How do you create one? How do you use one?

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  1. After 8 months working on Amazon cloud, all I can say is that cloud is just like a Virtualization service where you can launch/terminate any VMs at will. And that's all I can be aware of. The rest of them are a "proprietary" blackhole.