Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google+ Games

Two words: Improvements Needed. Make it three: Much.

  1. Currently, caching mechanism makes it very difficult to receive (help, invite, gift, etc.) requests from friends. This makes real-time game play less likely to happen.
  2. As far as I know, the Notification does not show Game posts immediately. Similar to the above point, this is a downer for social gamers. They just don't know when someone does something to them.
  3. There needs to be a way to totally separate game streams from other streams, maybe a flag to say all posts from this Circle are game related. Google did the right thing to create Game Notifications for, well, games. But that does not prevent people from cross-posting to the regular streams with requests. Post-pollution, anyone?
  4. There needs to be a way to totally obliterate game(s) data. I want to delete my city!
So, have you got http://plus.google.com/games?

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