Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Re: Fit or Future? Which is more important when hiring?

This article "Fit or Future? Which is more important when hiring?" appeared on Artima in June.

Fit refers to candidates who have better skill match to a job description and future refers to those who would quickly gain such skill provided that they were supported. The question is which would you pick.

As you would expect, the article does not dictate whether Fit or Future is more preferred. Obviously it is context dependent. The article does, however, list out several factors that could affect your decision. Among them is Urgency.

To me, the Urgency factor alone is sufficient to determine whether to pick Fit or Future. Why? Because Future is always my default choice, unless Urgency comes in. Nevertheless, I would think only companies that did not plan for growth would have to resort to that. It is not an urgency until you make it is, right?

And here's why I pick Future. First of all, there is always a period for new candidate to adapt to new organizational culture, new environment and so on. Learning new skill in this period is also the norm. That is to say there usually is a buffer of time for someone who has solid ground to attain new skills. It is not so urgent after all. Secondly, people do not spend four to five years in University to learn "advanced" usage of Java Enterprise, or PHP. They spend time learning foundational knowledges because these often matter more. They allow people to grow, organically. Thirdly, diversity is, most of the times, a good thing in the same vein that a diversified investment portfolio usually is less risky. People with different backgrounds, cultures, skill sets form a better team than people coming from one mold. And finally, you don't make hiring an urgency, do you?

Do you?

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