Monday, October 24, 2011

Facebook vs Disqus

I am back from a long trip! Cool.

Today I realized that Facebook has something called Comments that is used to power sites like TechCrunch and others. This plugin takes over self-made user comment "widget" usually shown at the bottom of a page. It provides more functions than a bland traditional commenting system such as analytics to the site owners, and badges, points, games to the readers. It entices more people to participate in commenting. And it is a hosted service (managed) by Facebook.

Then, Disqus immediately sprang into my mind. Since a few years ago, the Internet start-up Disqus has been providing the exact same service to many sites. This was a niche, extremely niche, market. I did wonder then what if bigger providers such as Google or Yahoo! or Microsoft jumped in. Would Disqus be able to fend themselves off? With better infrastructure? With more enticing features? More engaging methods?

And the prediction has come true. Now, Facebook is in, with its strongest capital: the populous user base. Will Google (Plus or not) follow? Maybe in one year time?

I think this is a right move from Facebook, and a big blow to Disqus. But then, David won over Goliath, didn't he?

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