Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Google search (redirect) breaks back button

Update (Jan 10, 2012): Apparently, this only happens when you have logged into your Google Account (such as Gmail, Google+).

What the F*CK is Google doing with their search result?

Apparently, Google muddles the original URL with some sort of a redirection. Instead of giving you a direct link to what you're searching for, Google hijacks your click so that you will visit a Google page. This page then redirects you to the original site.

The problem with this is when you click Back, you are back to that redirection page which then again shoves you to the site. Then you click Back again, and you're redirected to the site again.

This is total crap! Why would you do that, Google? Can't JavaScript work for you?

Crap, total crap.


  1. My "Back" button works just fine with Google search results (tested on Firefox and Chrome). What browser are you using ?

  2. Chrome. It may be location specific. Some people reported they got Google URL when trying to copy the search result. Some others don't see that behavior. Perhaps it's not rolled out globally yet?

  3. Chrome. The same. Click Back, and redirect to the site again.