Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Language definition file vietnam.ldf not found

Just a quick note to myself. VnTeX recently moved its vietnam.ldf file to babel's contrib as vietnamese.dtx. The move happened on April 14, 2013. The babel package in MiKTeX is currently at March 23, 2013. The vntex package in MiKTeX is currently at May 21, 2013. That is to say vntex package no longer provides vietnam.ldf, yet babel package is still not update-to-date enough to have vietnamese.dtx.

The fix is to maintain your own vietnam.ldf file. The code (that was taken before the move) is pasted below.

% Copyright 2000-2005 Werner Lemberg .
% This file is part of vntex.  License: LPPL, version 1.3 or newer,
% according to
% vietnam.ldf
% written by Werner LEMBERG 
% History
%   1.0  2000/09/01
%     First version.
%   1.1  2001/05/26
%     Moved \endlinechar downwards.
%   post 1.1  ?
%     Don't check for dblaccnt.sty.
%     Add support for ucs.sty.
%     Don't define \captionsvietnam but load vncaps.tex.
%   1.2  2005/04/21
%     Add copyright message.
%     Minor clean-ups.

    [2005/04/21 v1.2 Vietnamese support from the babel system]


\ifx\l@vietnam \@undefined
  \adddialect\l@vietnam 0


  {\message{Loading definitions for the Vietnamese font encoding}}
  {\errhelp{I can't find the file `t5enc.def' for Vietnamese fonts}
   \errmessage{Since I do not know what the T5 encoding means^^J
               I can't typeset Vietnamese.^^J
               I stop here, while you get a suitable `t5enc.def' file}

  {\PackageWarning{babel}{No input encoding specified for Vietnamese}}

\endlinechar \m@ne

  \ifx \UnicodeCharFilter \@undefined
%   \UCSProtectionUnichar

\let\viet \viettext





\endlinechar `\^^M


% end of vietnam.ldf